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Maša Rimac Jurinović (Croatia)

Emily Horn & Pawet Powlak: Excuse me … Are you a witch?

In the workshop, we will use drama techniques to bring to life the story of a very, very black, but also a bit lonely cat, Herbert, who has learned in the city library that witches love black cats. So, what else is left for him than to start searching for his witch?

The goals of this workshop are to play with the narrative, to offer new ways of searching for the witch, and to creatively change the ending. Why? - To encourage children to read the original story and enjoy reading.

Tom Schweitzer (Austria):

Theatrical Classroom Management

In this workshop we will explore games and exercises from theatre pedagogy to shape teaching processes and to influence the group dynamics of the class. We try out activities that can positively influence the beginning, course and end of a lesson. We also have a close look at the "performance" of the teacher. The use of one's own voice, the expression of non-verbal postures, the play with high and low status will be part of the workshop.

Jelena Kovačić (Croatia):  

From Picture to Story

Fine art is part of the general world of art that uses its own language as a form of communication. Instead of words, it is expressed in forms - color, line and volume that need to be experienced with the sense of sight and then touch. Looking, in the artistic sense, means the same as reading in the literary sense, so we will primarily look at works of art, and then describe them by touch and sound, and share the mutual experience. In doing so, we will create our own inner emotional worlds that will serve as a basis for developing dramatic, improvised stories.

Workshop From Picture to Story is designed as a drama-creative process in which the fine works of Croatian modern art will serve as an incentive for the development of a dramatic story and text. 

The workshop aims to combine art and drama, which will serve as a kind of education for high school students about renowned Croatian art and about the composition of drama and dramatic text, but above all, as a different kind of stimulus for language and dramatic creativity.

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