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The aim of this module is to experience unexpectedness and playfulness in educational setting. Through play students become more engaged and motivated for learning. 


There is numerous possibilities how to use digital wheel in the classroom. Here we are sharing one of them:


Emotion clock:

A group of 4-10 students stands in a circle with one member in the middle. The student in the middle spins the wheel. The arrow points at an emotion and the students in the circle have to express it; using facial expressions and body language. Then the student in the middle chooses the student whose expression he likes the most. The chosen student goes into the middle and spins the wheel next.

If the arrow points to the heart, the student in the middle chooses the emotion himself. If it points to the star, the group decides the emotion for the student in the middle. In this case, he expresses it and then spins the wheel again.

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