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The aim of this module is to help students with visual preferred learning style to include their expertise in learning. It will also help others to slow down for mindfulness moments which lead in turn to increased empathy and compassion.


The learning outcomes may include:

  • students learn to predict consequences of some triggers, connect cause and effect

  • students learn to focus on isolated elements of a bigger picture to give meaning to details

  • students engage with different perspectives, empathize based on somebody's feelings

  • students appreciate slowing down and reflecting on what is going on around them


The activities may include animating a chosen tableaux by improvising what will happen next or creating thought bubble for engaged characters. Students may be also encouraged to complement the pictures with other characters who may change the flow of action of stop the undesired consequences of the events/decisions etc. In each case students build the context which they will find meaningful or just funny. They get in the characters shoes to express their moods, thoughts, dilemmas etc.

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