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The DramaLab includes seven tools (modules) which offer to teachers the digital use of the drama techniques.


They are simple functionalities that can be used within the existing communication platforms e.g. zoom or MS Teams. In-situ (e.g. classroom or during a class trip) they can be used through students personal devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. They were also tested in hybrid settings, where some students worked together in one space but others could join them on-line.


The modules work independently and there is no single correct sequence of using them one after another or combining their elements. Imagination of students and teachers/facilitators is the only limit! They may differ in the level of challenge and require different degree of trust or focus.


What they have in common is the introduction of some volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA environment). Their aim is not to help teachers transmit ready knowledge or even drill specific behavioral patterns but to the opposite, capitalize on diversity of learners, their different perceptions of the same objects or phenomena, switching of the perspectives, vested interests, opinions, beliefs etc. They trigger divergent thinking and invite unlimited number of responses, the more unusual – the better.


The educational value of each module goes beyond specific learning outcomes, inviting those creative responses to unveiling challenges, both on individual, interpersonal or even networked level.


DramaLab was designed in the Erasmus+ project JOIN IN & make a change. Click the button JOIN IN if you want to read more about this project.

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