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The aim of this module is to experience collaboration and flow in spontaneous dialogues inspired by cartoon images and action.


The learning outcomes may include:

  • students use opportunities for integrating three learning styles, multitask and respond to visual/kinesthetic and verbal cues with creative ideas to develop meaningful interaction

  • students appreciate mindfulness in situations of "safe uncertainty"

  • students show empathy while distancing themselves from dramatic action, including the exercise of their humor


Students choose a cartoon exert and decide quickly on the gist of action/conflict and basic features of the characters involved. They work in pairs or small groups as the voices of specific characters providing live conversations to match the cartoon action. The videos can be stopped by the class by the facilitators or by the students themselves to change actors, provide feedback, clarifications and ideas for further action.


he material again can serve as improvisation starters or story spring board. Reflexion should focus on the flow of ideas and collaboration between the students in reference to YES and principle of improvisation. Any interesting behavior (both empathy, compassion but also dominance or aggression) should be addressed to model creative problem solving, inclusion and solidarity.

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