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The aim of this module is to engage the audio learners and give them the opportunity to thrive as creative problem solvers.

The learning outcomes may include:

  • students differentiate between solid facts and interpretations

  • students appreciate different perspectives and interpretations when facing uncertainty about facts

  • students build narratives based on sequences of sounds


Students may choose or draw by random a specific soundtrack from the collection. They first try to use their own expertise and imagination to decide what they think happens, where it make take place, who is involved, what the problem is etc. In small groups they exchange their ideas on what they think they have heard and try to agree on one possible version of the story, event, happening etc.


They may also use pantomime to go along the soundtrack to present their version to the other groups. This in turn may be developed as a starter to improve or a skit. In the reflection part it is important to stress the diversity of ideas, divergent thinking of learners, appreciate the creativity, celebrate the power of imagination. It is also good to analyze the process of reaching the consensus about the story line.

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