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Ivan Gundulić Elementary School was officially opened on September 15, 1961. At the suggestion of the teachers' council, the school was named after the poet Ivan Gundulić.


In the forty years of the school's existence, there have been over a hundred teachers and professors, as well as dozens of administrative and technical staff. Today, the school employs fifteen primary school teachers and eighteen subject teachers. The team consists of experts who write and review textbooks and exercise books, are mentors and advisors and in other ways present in cultural, educational and sports life. The classrooms are large, modernly equipped.


The school has its own kitchen and dining room, school library, sports hall, two playgrounds and a park with swings. The school has two professional associates - a psychologist and a special educator. Currently, the school has 11 classes, two of which are combined bilingual Croatian-Hungarian classes for children of Hungarian nationality. The average number of students in the class ranges up to 25, which allows for quality teaching and an individual approach to working with students

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